The two types of membership are Ordinary and Affiliate, with ordinary members directing FOBFO's activities. The current organisations span the whole of the UK Fire Sector.

Our subscription-based membership is open to any UK representative association or group that supports the aim. It is continuing to expand. A small Executive Board manages day-to-day affairs. Details of current members of the Board and FOBFO are detailed elsewhere on the website.

The Federation's partnership involvement with Angus Fire - a UTC Fire & Security Company - is an integral part of our activities to extend the influence of our members as they pursue their common goal of improving public fire safety. The partnership initiative has direct benefit to all members allowing an informed exchange of information that supports each member in their work even though each has a different tradition, distinctive strength and organisational objective. The Federation willingly acknowledges that our partner's contribution, given generously, unconstrained and unrestricted, has significantly enhanced joint working to help us achieve our mutual ambition of a safer society.

FOBFO is a non-political affiliated body with a simple aim - it is committed to the fight against fire.