Our approach is to actively pursue objectives approved by our members. Currently this is to engage better with the European Community. We are also active in seeking new members to further broaden our membership base. This is in order to present more effectively an informed and collective perspective on important fire issues at a national and international level, to policy makers, parliamentarians and partners.

Practically, we coordinate and promote a range of activities in the fight against fire: lobbying and influencing key decision makers; supporting overseas Trade Missions through the Fire Industry Association's Export Council; and arranging high quality strategic fire-related symposiums, most recently on Europe.

Through our representation in CTIF we continue to work with our international colleagues on issues such as civil protection, wildfires, dangerous substances control, youth development and fire safety. And, through our website, we provide frequent updates and information on key fire issues.

FOBFO, as with every organisation within UK Fire is engaged in a process of continuous improvement aimed at making our society safer from fire.