The UK was one of the founders, over a century ago, of CTIF, the Comite Technique International de Prevention et d’Extinction du Feu. This is a worldwide body with membership from 52 countries supporting the fire and rescue service. FOBFO provides access to this network as the UK National Committee.

Originally the aims were simply to co-ordinate and support constituent members, providing a two-way channel with other like organisations throughout the world. The first officers were from the Chief Fire Officers’ Association who planned and staged an International Conference at London Olympia in 1965. This is a pattern that has been repeated in London again, in Manchester, and more recently in Birmingham.

Code 3800 - International Firefighters Fest

Institution of Fire Engineers 2012 AGM & International Conference - click for more info

Since 1962, FOBFO, the Federation of British Fire Organisations has been presenting the views of all major fire organisations in the United Kingdom to national and international audiences.